Sintel.. A Emotional Story

While looking at Blender the other night, I discovered this film in their gallery. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I should post this since it is very emotional. But considering the quality and amount of work that obviously went into this film, I just have to.

Sintel is a short film started by the Blender Foundation to promote and I can even dare say "show off" what Blender can do. What exactly is Blender? Well it is a free 3D creation suite, excellent for 3d modelling and animations, as seen in the film. It can even be said that it competes with some commercial 3D creation suites! You can get more information over at Blender's homepage.

The animation and models in the short film is really well done and smooth, which flows very well throughout the film with well done transitions. The voice over is also very well done with a soundtrack that suite the film.

The story itself is well thought out and keep you interested throughout the film. There is just one thing, and I am warning anyone before you watch this movie. It's really emotional. You have been warned, so if you start crying hysterically, do not blame me :P

Anyhow, here is the film and for more information about the film you can head over to the Sintel Homepage.

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