Change is coming!

Within the next few days you will see major changes on Nocater. From background to new pages, Nocater is getting an overhaul and a new entity is making its presence visible... yes... someone new is moving in. For now all I can say is that Nocater is going to change big time..... you'll see.

So before that all happens, here is a quick update on projects mentioned before.

The Fallout 3 machinima is about 95% done. There is a few things I want to change and I am waiting for some stuff too. I think I can safely say you can expect the machinima this weekend. Until then, here is a image from the machinima with the name: Conclusion.

Conclusion Title Screen

The Second Life project I talked about before that I am working on is now known as Project Lux. It is just the codename for now and is going to change when the product is officially done. The core ideas, plans and designs is all written up and drawn, so the actual programming and building will start in Second Life very soon. I will try and get a estimated time for how long this product might take, but I can say for sure it wont be complete in two weeks... maybe not even a month.

That's it for now, see you soon on the new blog design!

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