New product and updates!

New product time!

This time... Lighto! Lighto is a light system that have several features and work very easy. Other than changing between eight colours and having the ability to change the falloff, intensity and radius with the menu, you can also set it to automatic. This means that when the sun rises in the region, the light will go off, and will go on when the sun set. Effective :D


With this, I have also included the option to select all the lights of the same type you own in the region or even all the lights so that you can control them all easily! Also, an access menu is included so that you can decide who can tinker with your lights.

For more detailed information, head on over to my store in the marketplace!

I have also updated my Movie Light with this new script. It has the same features as before, but now include the function to select several lights at once and also works more efficient. Automatic is not included with this obviously since it would be bad your doing a film and suddenly the lights go out :P

Another thing that have changed is my OLD light system, SunLight, I made back in 2009. The Mega Pack, that includes all the types I made, is now for sale at a very low price of L$20. It also have the automatic option in it, so if your looking for a cheap alternative, this is it.

That is all for now. I hope to have a new product up for sale tomorrow!

PS: These products have nothing to do with Project Lux that I have mentioned before. That project is still ongoing.

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