A Single Tear In Space

Well today marked the day of the last launch and the end of NASA's space shuttle program. Watching the videos and goodbye's, its hard not to shed a tear to the end of something amazing. Sadly I never had the opportunity to go watch a live launch at Cape Canaveral, but maybe someday I will get that opportunity. Until then, we can enjoy the human built angel in the sky, the International Space Station and the memories of all the launches.

The Shuttles:

And of course, although just use for test flights:

Also, we will never forget those who lost their life in the Columbia and Challenger disasters.
Challenger Crew 
Michael J. Smith 
Dick Scobee 
Ronald McNair 
Ellison Onizuka 
Christa McAuliffe
Gregory Jarvis 
Judith Resnik

Columbia Crew
Rick D. Husband
William C. McCool
Michael P. Anderson
Ilan Ramon
Kalpana Chawla
David M. Brown
Laurel Clark

Here is two videos on NASA's website that is a must see. Also, head on over to NASA TV for live coverage of the STS-135 Mission

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