For those that do not know yet, on 24 July 2011, I got engaged to the lovely Laerwynn! ^^

Now I didn't forget about my friends since there is a reason I haven't made a post here earlier. It's because I was waiting for the video to be completed :D Yes, there is a video of the proposal and event! A kind of surprise for my friends and fiancĂ©e ^^ Surprise kitten!!

Before the video, I just want to say how it all happened as there was three surprises for my kitten. First I got my kitten and I's favourite artist in Second Life, Maximillion Kleene, to sing at the event and I contacted a few of my friends, telling them its a small surprise party for her and that Max is going to be there. I did not mention the engagement question plan :P

Laerwynn was really surprised to see Max there since she was waiting just for a URL of his show, not himself. You can hear her reaction in the video ^^. Max sang like two songs and then mentioned I wanted to say something. So I said a few words, got on one knee and asked the question :D Through some happy tears, Laerwynn said YES!! YaaaY.

Then Max sang a song he learned especially for this show, Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban, my kitten and I's favourite song ^^. Max continued with some fun and romantic songs for the rest of the hour while we danced and enjoyed our new memory. Big thanks goes to Max for making an amazing night with beautiful music!

The third surprise, well that is this movie below :D. Something Laerwynn did not know is that one of the people that was there actually makes machinima :D I asked Chantal Harvey if she would film the whole event ^^. Thank you Chantal for the video! Its something we can forever hold onto and watch over and over again.

Also a thanks to Kat, Max's agent, for help setting the date and time and thanks to Cranky and Jen for joining the event.

And here is the movie! Enjoy!

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