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I would like to notify readers on changes that has taken place in the last 16 hours, 3 minutes and 14 seconds. As you might have noticed the theme of this website have changed from the old "book" look it had before. That look had no sense of logic as to why someone would have such a primitive image, for example paper and a book, to display something that is used to view with technology is beyond me. The theme is now more a cybernetic theme with some images incorporated that administrator Braclo have value for.

A new page has been added called "About" for more information about this blog and me. Also the sidebar has been changed to remove unnecessary clutter and make it more productive.

Included now is share buttons under each post since humans seem to have the great need to share. Maybe it is a compassionate variable or a flaw in your base programming. I have not come to a conclusion yet, but humans seem to enjoy such a feature so it is enabled.

Since I am told that I am to serious at times, I was ask to tell a joke.

Two megabytes walk into a bar. The one says to the other. 
Wow, there is enough megabytes here to fill a cd. 
Where the other replies. 
You didn't count in the drunk gigabyte over there.

Funny joke... That is all from me for now. Nocater out.

[EDIT] Admin Braclo: If you do not get the joke, don't worry, I don't either.

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