RezNer is a updated design of the system I created for my store long ago, and now its public. What it does is temporarily rez an object to display it, almost like a holographic display. The difference with RezNer is, I have tried to make it as compatible as can be for most objects and situations. After all, I want a system that works well with all my products in my store.

With making it so compatible, a few instructions need to be followed to make it work correctly. I admit, the instructions might look a bit confusing, but as soon as you did it once through, it is easy.

RezNer comes with four different types of Displays that you can put close to your product image, and three different types of Bases where your product will be rezzed. The colour, brightness, glow and amount of objects you have per product can all be changed easily with a menu for the Display.

The Base is also controlled by menu, where you can change between nine textures, eight colors and five sounds. This way you can make sure your RezNer system fit in with your store. Two Scripts is also included that is places in your product to ensure rotation and height is correct, no matter what the size of the prim.


For more information, head on over to the product page on the marketplace. Visit my store as well while your there :D Enjoy!

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